The Lotzkar Law Firm

When Integrity Matters

We help you retain control of your case.

We have been practicing family law for over 26 years. Contrary to what most attorneys will tell you, in many instances it is not in your best interest to be in court. You see, the legal arena is a place where judges and commissioners, who know very little about you and are under incredible time constraints, are entrusted to make life changing decisions about your family. The court docket is very full, often with multiple cases scheduled for the same day. Court can be very expensive with no guarantee of a positive result. The better approach is always to try to achieve a settlement where you retain control over the outcome.

Our Bellevue, WA practice includes a team who is experienced and compassionate. We treat each case uniquely and customize your divorce, separation or family law matter according to your needs. If your case does not settle we are confident in our litigation skills so that you will be prepared. In addition we work with the most competent, accountants, appraisers and experts who all have impressive qualifications and impeccable reputations.

We often hear from client’s that have transferred their case from another attorney that their prior counsel “would just not listen and would often dictate what has to occur.” At The Lotzkar Law Firm your input is not only encourages but critical to your case. No one knows your case better than you. We will guide, advise and prepare you as your case proceeds. We will always respect your final decision.

Being aggressive and taking a proactive step is the best approach for a decision that will affect you and your family for the rest of your lives. We are a full service law firm. Our legal representation does not end when your divorce or separation becomes final. We enforce all court orders, including Parenting Plans, Orders of Child Support, Orders of Protection and any other upcoming issues that relate to your family’s well-being.


Mediation is mandatory in King County before your case can go to trial. The vast majority of cases are settled through mediation.

We are litigators. We appear in court on a weekly basis, however, the last place we want your case to be is in court. Once you enter those courtroom doors everyone loses control of the outcome of your case.

We will do everything possible to avoid court as we truly believe that it is in your best interest to control your case out of the courtroom. Not only will all your personal details be aired in a public forum but the decisions regarding the most sacred areas of your life including your children will be decided by a judge or commissioner that, due to the very nature of the court system, cannot put the time and dedication into your case as the attorneys involved can.


On many occasions clients often feel they can work with their partner to conduct the legal proceedings themselves but need direction and advice as their case proceeds.

We often provide legal advice and services that one can pay by the hour (without a retainer) to review and discuss strategies and issues involving your case.

Counseling is particularly important when clients are not quite ready to file yet, but want to take proactive steps to make sure their legal interests are protected.

When the parties are able to work cooperatively we can many times enter a decree of dissolution or legal separation very inexpensively.


On some occasions litigation will be unavoidable due to the intransigence of the other party or the specific issues involved.

You can be confident that The Lotzkar Law Firm will represent you aggressively and competently in the court room. After many years, we have participated in hundreds of hearings and trials, dealing with every aspect of family law.

The Lotzkar Law Firm has an outstanding reputation with the courts and has earned credibility and respect from the judges and commissioners.

Our extensive research collection provides us the knowledge and expertise of all state statutes, rules, case law and court procedures to effectively and aggressively represent you in court.